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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

100 Things About Me

I read this kind of list on another blog recently, and like here is my own list: (Send me yours and I will post them all --keep it clean, please!)

1 I love living in Florida
2 My favorite place to be is on the beach, in a sidewalk cafe or under a tree on a breezy day.
3 My favorite time to be on the beach is at night. The other two are better in te daytime.
4 I love to read
5 I will read almost any kind of book, but my favorite books are mysteries and theology
6 I love rainy cool mornings and drizzly days (esp. if I can sit in a cafe and watch it rain.)
7 I wish I could have met Zelda Sayer Fitzgerald, Mohammed and Anne Frank
8 I prefer to drink iced tea or water
9 I never drink soda
10 When I go out to a club, I order sparkling water with lime. Or cranberry juice
11 I practice Buddhist meditation
12 I started meditating when my high school theatre teacher taught us how
13 I still have the same mantra from my initial TM experience
14 I am a hopeless romantic
15 I love flying
16 I wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist when I was growing up
17 Or a theatrical set decorator
18 I am a writer instead
19 I love being a writer
20 I have three children
21 I think my kids are really awesome people and would choose them for friends
22 I love babies -- all babies
23 I have eyes that change color with my mood and the weather
24 I love doing yoga
25 I love belly dancing - doing and watching
26 I took ballet lessons for 6 years
27 The month I spent in San Fransisco was one of the best months of my whole life
28 I need lots of lights in the kitchen to cook. I cannot cook in a dim room.
29 I love poetry
30 Especially poetry by Rumi, John Donne and Rupert Brook
31 I am a kid magnet...just put me in a room, all the kids end up near me
32 I have a hard time throwing away art my kids make
33 Even if it's not good
34 And stories they write
35 I prefer being outdoors to being inside
36 I love waking up to open windows and a view of trees and sky
37 I hate air conditioning
38 I used to make and sell fancy hair bows
39 I have been a children's photographer
40 And a tennis teacher
41 And a kids' drama director
42 And an art teacher
43 And a social worker
44 And a state employee
45 And an office temp
46 And a manufacturer's rep
47 And a reporter
48 And a sales person in a store
49 And a resident assistant in a university
50 And an auditor (I hated that one most of all)
51 I sleep about 5 hours a night
52 I am a vegetarian
53 I am a Jew
54 I am fascinated by religions -- all religions
55 I think Arabic men are hot
56 I went to 6 different colleges
57 I have lived a mile above sea level
58 And 6 inches below sea level
59 I have 4 college degrees
60 I love guys in cowboy hats and boots
61 I need music on to work
62 I hate ice cream -- really
63 I need lots of natural light and fresh air to function.
64 I love going to live theatre
67 And live music
68 Especially outdoors
69 I want to do community theatre again
70 I love 1940's music
71 And 40's jewelry, clothing, art, films...
72 I am addicted to my cell phone
73 I love using graphics editing programs
74 I only wear silver or white gold jewelry
75 My favorite clothes are long flowing skirts
76 But I wear jeans most of the time -- even to work
77 I love to go dancing
78 I cannot stand cake icing. And I'm not terribly fond of cake either
79 I quilt
80 And cross stitch
81 And scrapbook
82 I have enough scrapbook supplies in my closet to open a store
83 I have no time to scrapbook
84 I am almost 5'9" and still love high heels
85 I remember the birthdays of friends from elementary school - Tina 3.21 and Laura 6/24
86 I am a member of Mensa
87 I have 77 CD's in my car
88 12 of them are in Arabic
89 I can never play the guitar because the strings make my fingers bleed and I do not get callouses
90 I would like to play the fiddle
91 I want to go to Russia for a visit. But not in winter
92 I love architecture books and decorating books
93 I doodle when I talk on the phone -- except when I'm driving
94 I believe in magic and miracles and angels
95 My favorite flowers are gardenias.
96 My second favorite flowers are yellow roses
97 I sing while I drive. But only when I'm alone in the car
98 I rode horses for years, but never on a beach. I want to ride on a beach
99 I love Navajo flute music.
100 I need alone time to restore and refresh my energy. Without it, I wilt.

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Sally said...

snap! " I rode horses for years, but never on a beach. I want to ride on a beach"

Leah said...

Welcome to the RevGals, and I love all the pics! I also totally enjoy memes and plan to begin working through 100 things about me, but that definitely will take a while. Peace from San Diego...

Wendy said...

I could have checked out more than half of those "100's" for myself..Esp.loving Rumi and babies and cats :)